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Nina Roots Level 3 Forest School practitioner, Tree babies and Barefoot babies guide, BA Hons in Business and Marketing, Outdoor First Aid, Yoga Teacher, TEFL)

Passionate about sustainable development and making lasting change in the world. She has worked with communities in Malawi for 10 years as Founder and CEO of the charity, Love Support Unite, and trustee of Tilinanu Orphanage. Nina was awarded the UK Prime Minister’s Points of Light award for her work.

Inspired by learning how our experiences and environment shape us during early childhood, and astonished at seeing how many barriers exist between modern children and the natural world, Nina believes that every child should have the opportunity to thrive, and being comfortable and aware in the great outdoors is foundational in this endeavour.

Bob Roots Level 3 forest school practitioner and Outdoor first aid.

Has worked in the great outdoors for most of his life. He is an experienced site manager with many skills, including being a qualified rope access technician and an expert machine operator. Bob has a sharp and diverse awareness of practical health and safety, and risk mitigation, gained from years of working in challenging situations. Well read in a multitude of fields, seeing education as a lifelong practice independent from schooling, Bob was uncomfortable as a child but found his lasting peace in his relationship with the natural world.

With two young children, and a broad range of experience in a multitude of fields, they realise the importance of a practical nature based education and a life out of doors, and want to offer that to as many people as they can.

They are a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts, and they love each other very dearly.

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“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”  Gary Snyder